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2x4 Acoustic Perforated Tin Ceiling Design 211

2x4 Acoustic Perforated Tin Ceiling Design 211

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2x4 Acoustic Perforated Tin Ceiling Design 211:
  • Noise reducing ceiling tiles with acoustic properties
  • Offer a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of 0.8 when installed with encapsulated fiberglass padding
  • Should be either clear coated or painted for protection against rusting
  • Six inch repeat ideal for kitchen backsplashes and small areas
  • Regular and simple pattern repetition allows for use in irregular shaped ceilings
  • Can be used as a filler
  • An authentic press metal ceiling
  • Embossed from original tin ceiling casts
  • An American made tin ceiling


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Tin Ceiling Finishes - Acoustic Tin (Perforated Steel)

Perforated Steel

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