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Recessed Coffered Tin Ceiling Design 508

Recessed Coffered Tin Ceiling Design 508

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Recessed Coffered Tin Ceiling Design 508:
  • 1-½ inch recessed tin ceiling tiles creating a breathtaking dimensional ceiling
  • Different panel sizes allow for mix and match capabilities to accommodate any ceiling layout
  • Provide a one of a kind unique setting
  • An authentic press metal ceiling
  • Embossed from original tin ceiling casts
  • An American made tin ceiling

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Panel Size
1' x 1'1' x 2'2' x 2'2' x 4'
Regular Tin (steel)$9.27$9.45$14.58$28.71
Antique Plated$47.40$57.30$95.20 - 
Powder Coated*$13.27$14.45$20.08 - 

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