Tin Ceiling Samples

Tin Ceiling Design 501

Tin Ceiling Design 501

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Tin Ceiling Design 501:
  • Twenty-Four inch repeat optimal for larger sized ceilings
  • Ideal pattern size for center pieces
  • Excellent for high ceilings and rooms with large light fixtures
  • An authentic press metal ceiling
  • Embossed from original tin ceiling casts
  • An American made tin ceiling

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Panel Size
2' x 2'2' x 4'
Regular Tin (steel)$9.50$19.00
Lacquered Tin (finished steel)$13.92$26.60
Acoustic Tin (perforated steel)$18.30$35.20
Pre-Painted White$13.92$26.60
Wood Grain$31.50$62.00
Antique Plated$83.00$144.90
Acoustic Antique Plated$94.40$167.40
Powder Coated*$15.30$29.00
Acoustic Powder Coated*$23.80$44.95
Solid Copper - $200.00

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